The Best of Laa-Laa is a Teletubbies VHS Released in 2002. and DVD Released in 2015.


  1. Laa-Laa Wears Dipsy's Hat (From Emily Washing the Pony)
  2. TV Event - Dirty Dog
  3. Laa-Laa's Ball Gets Stuck In A Tree (From The Helicopter)
  4. Laa-Laa's Best Song (From Music With Debbie)
  5. Laa-Laa's Ball Changes Shape (From Bubbles)
  6. Laa-Laa's Happy Walk (From Going For A Walk)
  7. Laa-Laa's Magic Rabbit Counting Book (From Guessing Game)
  8. Laa-Laa Dances With Her Ball In The Skirt (From Painting Easter Eggs)
  9. Magical Event - The Magic Tree
  10. Laa-Laa Makes Some Adjustments At The Control Panel (From Long Horns)
  11. TV Event - Colours: Yellow
  12. Laa-Laa's Ball Gets Stuck On The Slide (From Orange Picking)
  13. Laa-Laa's Orange Ball (From Colours - Orange)
  14. Tubby Bye-Bye (Laa-Laa is the Boo Shouter)