TWF (initials for Toys of Wonder Foundation; also known as TWF Brands and TWF International) is an owned-globally fan-made toy company "founded" by WaltWiz1901 in 2014. It is a merger between many separate toy manufacturers, and as such distributes toys mostly based on licensed media, such as Disney, Viacom, DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, etc.

One of TWF's licensees is DHX Media, which is the owner of Ragdoll Productions; the seven shows whose toys are distributed by TWF are Brum, Teletubbies, Tots TV, Boohbah, In the Night Garden..., Rosie and Jim, and Twirlywoos. The Brum, In the Night Garden..., Tots TV, and Twirlywoos toys are distributed by Golden Bear Toys in the United Kingdom, the Teletubbies and Boohbah toys are distributed by Character Options, and the Rosie and Jim toys are distributed by TOMY. In North America, the Golden Bear toys are distributed by Jakks Pacific, the Character Options toys are distributed by Spin Master, and the Twirlywoos toys are distributed by TOMY.

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