We start with the magic windmill spinning just like in the lion and bear but the background music is replaced with wake up to the morning music they the teletubbies look around and says Oh-Oh and runs away. Then Mr. Nickelodeon flies in and with a lime hose they the teletubbies says Oh-Oh and too much slime sprays to all the teletubbies,they all the teletubbies are covered with slime making all look like dipsy, then Mr. Nickelodeon chases to the teletubbies making run away for a long time and then, Mr. Nickelodeon clones itself to form 1000 Mr. Nickelodeon clones to cover the teletubbies and dipsy defenses by pointing every slime hose to Mr. Nickelodeon and his clones. Then Mr. Nickelodeon and his clones run away from teletubbyland. They appear Noo-Noo with 6 tubbysponges to the teletubbies and then a voice tube sings Wash Wash Wash, Wash Wash Wash, Tubby Tubby Tubby Tubby, Wash Wash Wash and when they are clean then the magic windmill stops spinning and the teletubbies run away.

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