Magic Windmill Television Is the new studio replacing all the old studios in the fanon series his logo is the normal windmill spining animation zomming out and they apears the text MAGIC WINDMILL TELEVISION.


Original:The first logo is the original windmill animation closer and zooms out to the normal the logo we have the text saying MAGIC WINDMILL and TELEVISION appears a la old twentieth century fox tv logo and zooms in down of MAGIC WINDMILL and forms the logo

Shortened:Same as the previous logo but the start scene before the zoom out is cut.

Original Dark:Same as the previous logo but the old windmill is replaced by the tv segment windmill but the music is different and slower and now TELEVISION and MAGIC WINDMILL is dark orange

Dark:Same As the previous logo but removed the zoom out

Far Away Original:We see the Birds Eye version of the windmill MAGIC WINDMILL now is orange not dark orange and they appears TELEVISION from the previous logo and now is orange like MAGIC WINDMILL and the text is now in the grass

Far Away:Same as the previous logo but the birds eye windmill animation is replaced with the run away windmill animation and MAGIC WINDMILL and TELEVISION is now gold

Pre-Magic Television:We see a close up to the normal windmill with MAGIC WINDMILL TELEVISION in yellow not gold and zooms out to normal size

Original Magic Television:Same as the previous logo but the logo not start in close up start very little close up

Magic Television 1:Same as the previous logo but now the sky is darkish-blue.

Magic Television 2:Reverted to the original magic television logo.

Ultra-Magic Television:Same as the previous logo but the normal windmill is replaced with the video game windmill

Used In



Original Dark:2004


Original Far Away:2005-2006

Far Away:2006

Pre-Magic Television:2006-2008

Original Magic Television:2008

Magic Television 1:2008-2009

Magic Television 2:2009-2012

Ultra-Magic Television:2012-2014