Fun with Water is a Teletubbies VHS Released in 2002. and DVD Released in 2015.


  1. Teletubbies Intro (Dipsy is the Missing Teletubby)
  2. Mind The Puddle (From Playing in the Rain)
  3. TV Event - How Things Swim (Po gets chosen)
  4. Dipsy Drops His Hat In A Puddle (From Silvie's Fish Pond)
  5. Laa-Laa's Ball Lands In A Puddle (From Ball Games With Debbie)
  6. Magical Event - The Three Ships
  7. Incy Wincy Dipsy (From Washing The Bus)
  8. Po and the Umbrella (From Naughty Cloud)
  9. The Teletubbies Listen To A Voice Trumpet Make Ocean Sounds (From The Beach)
  10. TV Event - Swimming With Stephanie (Tinky Winky gets chosen)
  11. The Puddle (From Water)
  12. Dipsy and Laa-Laa Water The Flowers (From Ned's Geraniums)
  13. Dipsy Listens To A Voice Trumpet Tell The Doctor Foster Nursery Rhyme (From Water)
  14. TV Event - Water (Dipsy gets chosen)
  15. The Splashing Dance
  16. Tubby Bye-Bye (Tinky Winky is the Boo Shouter)