The Teletubbies run out of the house to find their favorite things. Then the Magic Windmill spins and the Teletubbies watch Andy Brown and the children go digging in the sand for worms. Po then makes Tubby Custard. He gets a Tubby Custard bowl, uses a Tubby Custard tap and turns on the Tubby Custard and the Tubby Cusard enters his bowl. Finally, when Po gets a bowl of Tubby Custard, he sees and hears Tinky Winky coming around him. He shows him his bowl of Tubby Custard. Tinky Winky wants some Tubby Custard too, but he doesn't know how to make it. When Po tells him he needs a bowl, Tinky Winky gets it too but accidentally makes a mess around Home Hill. He was so surprised when he was accidentally spreading Tubby Custard all over him. He accidentally spreads it on the Noo-Noo as well. Just then, Laa-Laa comes in to play with her ball when she sees Tubby Custard splattering all over her ball. The Noo-Noo tidies up the mess and around himself, too. Teletubbies give him a big hug before the Pink Tubby Custard Spots segment is over. And then the Teletubbies dance a Round and Round Dance before Tubby Bye-Bye.